Natural Wonders

The Park is a significant conservation area and home to many rare and endangered species.

Over 130 species of bird have been recorded in the Park from small honeyeaters, to the large Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoos. Over 600 species of native plants have been recorded, including more than 90 species of orchids. Other animals may be more elusive, but visitors might catch a glimpse of the endangered Southern Brown Bandicoots and Yellow-footed Antechinus as well as Western Grey Kangaroos, echidnas, koalas, possums, snakes, and lizards.

This diversity is due to the Park’s varying habitats – from woodland with thick understorey, numerous creeklines, grassland, and swamps and bogs.

Coming soon….the list of the species recorded in the Park including threatened species.

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 The Park is a conservation area so dogs are not allowed. Parks where dogs are allowed can be found on the National Parks and Wildlife SA website.