Bird Banding

Bird banding activities are held every few weeks in the Park and you can be part of this important work that has been run in the Park since 1993. 

A summary of bird captures is published in Bandicoot Tails, and while being interesting and important monitoring data, it isn’t quite the same as seeing them first hand at a bird banding session. The banding schedule can be found in our Calendar or in the latest Bandicoot Tails.

It is important to get in touch with one of our friendly Contacts before attending a bird banding activity.

Contact the bird banding coordinator to go on an email list so you can be notified of the next session details. The bird banding coordinator details can be found on our Contacts webpage.

Bird banding sites, bird monitoring sites, map of bird banding sites
The Bird Banding Project map showing the bird banding sites that are regularly monitored.