Regeneration :

As we have mentioned elsewhere, several of our members also belong to Trees for Life.
Each year we collect seed from the park, usually in January or February, and use it to grow seedlings to plant out in the park later in the year.

Here's some of the results at a spot called Kangaroo Gully:

Kangaroo Gully in 1993 This is Kangaroo Gully, an old farm site, back in 1993, the first year we revegetated this park of the park.
...and here we are two years later, with more trees planted in the foreground and some obvious growth in the back ground. Kangaroo Gully in 1995
  Kangaroo Creek Feb 2001

Here's the site in February, 2001, with the trees now between six and eight metres high.

Bushrat Creek is one of our latest challenges, & we are hoping that natural regeneration will provide most of the species that once occurred here.

Experience has shown us that long dormant seeds will germinate quite readily once the dense shade of blackberry or other "invaders" has been removed.

This is what "Bushrat Creek" looked like before the blackberries were cleared.

There's no trick photography here, the blackberries were immense.

John Butler in Bushrat Creek
John Butler clearing blackberries from Bushrat Creek. The area behind him has been cleared, while hiding much of the view in front of him is a continuous thicket of eight foot high blackberry bushes.
Lower Vininaria Creek

To give you an idea of what we expect to happen next, this is the lower part of Viminaria Creek after a similar clearance of blackberry.

Leptospermum lanigerum (Silky Ti Tree) and Blechnum minus (Soft Fishbone Fern) have naturally regenerated.

Farther up Viminaria Creek, we found that Cut Grass and Blechnum minus returned as the creek line regenerated.

In the background of this picture, you may be able to make out part of the roadway seen in the fourth picture on the Photo Gallery page. That picture can give you an idea of the scene before the bush regenerated.

Viminaria Creek

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