Photo gallery

Here are some photographs of the park. These pictures are at a higher resolution than the other pages and will take a little longer to load.
  Tree planting, Currawong Ridge  

Tree planting, Currawong Ridge

  Cup Gum Track in winter.
  Cup Gum Track on a fine winter's afternoon
  Ivy supports crumbling home site

Ivy supports crumbling home site.

Photo : Peter Charles
  The old road embankment

Old road embankment at Viminaria Creek, previously hidden by Blackberry bushes.

Photo : Peter Charles
  Wheal Mary Ann Shaft and opencut mine

Wheal Mary Ann Shaft and opencut mine.

Photo : Les Peters

  South side of Mackereth cottage
  The western side of Mackereth cottage, prior to its destruction. Scott Creek is just a few feet to the left of the cottage.

Photo : Les Peters
Waterfall in the park  Photo John Butler

A waterfall on one of the tributaries of Scott Creek.

It takes quite a lot of rain to get this amount of flow - an uncommon and beautiful scene.

Photo : John Butler

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