More of the Orchids of Scott
Creek Conservation Park

The White Spider Orchid Photo; Philip Bridel

The White Spider Orchid

Arachnorchis (previously Caladenia) rigida flowers from early July until late October.

It was once common around Scott Creek and Iron Bank, and had a range from Williamstown to Macclesfield. (there are still people who can remember seeing it in profusion).

It is now a rare plant found in light open forest. close up


The Gnat or Mosquito Orchid

Cyrtostylis robusta flowers from May through to August. 

This is a common early flowering orchid of quite unusual appearance.

close up

Gnat Orchid Photo : Philip Bridle
Blunt Green-hood  Photo : Philip Bridle

The Blunt Green-hood

Pterostylis curta
flowers from June through to late October.  It has a single flower and is approximately 20 cm high.

It is locally common, especially along creek lines.

close up

The Leopard Sun-orchid

Thelymitra benthamiana is an uncommon sun-orchid up to 40 cm tall which flowers between September and early December.

Like many sun-orchids, the flowers only open in hot weather.

close up

Leopard Sun-orchid Photo ; Philip Bridle
Small Helmet Orchid Photo : Philip Bridle

The Small Helmet Orchid

Anzybas (previously Corybas) unguiculatus flowers between late May and early August.

It is not at all common in the park.


The Larger Striped Green-hood

Pterostylis robusta flowers between May and early October.

It is a common orchid in the park and can be seen beside the fire tracks near the Almanda mine.

Larger or Robust Green-hood Photo ; Philip Bridle
Mayfly Orchid Photo ; Philip Bridle

The Mayfly Orchid

Acianthus caudatus flowers between late July and September.

This is one of the commonest orchids in the park and forms large colonies in many places.

The flowers are pollinated by fungus gnats.

The Leafy Green-hood

Pterostylis cucullata flowers between July and and October.

One large colony of the rare forest form occurred in a gully on the western side of the park.Unfortunately, the colony was entirely destroyed by road widening.

However, the Leafy Green-hood can still be found in Belair National Park.

Leafy Green-hood Photo : Philip Bridle
Tall Greenhood Photo Philip Bridle

The Tall Green-hood

Pterostylis longifolia flowers between June and September.

It is common in the park and can be quite tall in some places (80 cm) with many flowers on the stem.

All the photos on this page have been kindly loaned to the friends by Mr. Philip Bridle.
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