Playing with cars

On Thursday 1st of March 2008, as part of the Clean Up Australia Day initiative, some car bodies which had been lying in a creekline of the Park for about thirty years, were finally sent to a more suitable resting place.



The whole operation went like clockwork, no dramas, no fuss, and within three hours the semi-trailer left with a full load. The Friends of Scott Creek are very grateful to ElectraNet for both initiating the idea and taking care of all the logistics. To all those involved who gave so generously of their time and equipment we say THANK YOU.

We also thank the Belair DEH staff who staffed the roadblocks during the operation.   

The wrecks have long been a source of visual and actual pollution and have prevented the creekline from being fully restored. Blackberry and other exotic species control work can now proceed, and natural regeneration over the coming years will do the rest.   





A twenty tonne crane was used to haul the wrecks from the (very dry) seasonal creek bed, a tributary of the permanent, Almanda Creek. The long reach of the crane coupled with its manoeuvrability and a very skilled operator, meant the removals proceeded with virtually no disturbance to nearby native vegetation. The SES crew worked with skill and perseverance, chaining the wrecks to the cable and cleaning up all the debris left behind.






An excellent job all round folks. Many, many thanks.


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