The Reptiles of Scott Creek Conservation Park

eastern Water Skink -photo Tom Hands

An Eastern Water Skink, checking things out.

Lizards :

Sixteen species of lizard are known to occur in the park.

These are

  • the Eastern Blue Tongue, Tiliqua scincoides

  • the Tawny Dragon, Ctenophorus decresii

  • the Common Bearded Dragon, Pogona barbata

  • the Barking Gecko, Nephrurus milii

  • the Marbled Gecko, Christinus marmoratus

  • the Heath Goanna, Varanus rosenbergi

  • the Sleepy or Shingleback Lizard, Tiliqua rugosa

  • the Common Scaly Foot, Pygopus lepidopodus

  • the Eastern Three-lined Skink, Bassiana duperreyi

  • the Eastern Water Skink, Eulamprus quoyii

  • the Garden Skink, Lampropholis guichenoti

  • the Three-toed Earless Skink, Hemiergis decresiensis

  • White's Skink, Liopholis whitii (formally Egernia whitii)

  • the Lined Worm-lizard, Aprasia striolata

  • Bouganville's Skink, Lerista bougainvillii

  • the Dwarf Skink, Menetia greyii


Tawny Dragon

The Tawny Dragon, Ctenophorus decresii Photo : Frank Copley

Cunningham's Skink, Egernia cunninghami occurs in the adjacent Mount Bold area, but it yet to be found in Scott Creek CP, despite extensive searches.

There have been reliable sightings of Rosenburg's Monitor - Varanus rosenbergi in the past, but not recently.

Bearded dragon at home
The Common Bearded Dragon, Pogona barbata, at home. Photo :Tom Hands
The lined worm lizard Photo ; Tom Hnds
The Lined Worm-lizard,
Aprasia striolata
Photo : Tom Hands
Legless Lizard

This is not a snake at all - it's another legless lizard : the Common Scaly Foot, Pygopus lepidopodus.

Photo : Tom Hands

Singleback eating fungus

The Shingleback or Stumpy Lizard, Tiliqua rugosa, eating fungus. Photo : Les Peters

Snakes :

There are four snakes recorded in the park.

These are :

  • Pseudoonaja texilis : Eastern Brown Snake
  • Parasuta flagellum (formally Suta flagellum) : Little Whip Snake
  • Pseudoechis porphyriacus : Red-bellied Black Snake
  • Ramphotyplops australis : Southern Blind Snake
Brown snake
  Eastern Brown, in a hurry. Photo: Les Peters

Pseudoechis porphyriacus : Red-bellied Black Snake  Photo: Tom Hands

There are further reptiles likely to be found in the park. These include skinks such as Delma molleri (Adelaide Snake Lizard) and turtles such as Chelodina longicollis (Common Long-neck Tortoise).

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