Links to friends of the Friends

Here are some links to sites friendly to the Friends. We hope they interest you.

Nature Foundation:
The Nature Foundation website is found at

Trees For Life :
As you can imagine, several of our members are growers for Trees for Life , whose site can be found at


Australian Sites :

International picture library:

International 'mushroon expert' :

Urban Forest Biodiversity Program :
These kind folk gave us a grant (Natural Heritage Trust funding) to undertake the work we are doing in Bushrat Creek ( which you can see in our regeneration pages.) They also gave us the information which you can see on this site about the number of plants of Conservation Significance in the NPWSA Reserves in the Southern Mount Lofty Ranges. Their site can be found at

Orchids :
The Native Orchid Society of South Australia has interesting field trips and a conservation strategy, details of which can be viewed at

Birds :
The Birds Australia site can be found at

Information about bird and bat banding can be found at website of the Australian Bird and Bat Banding Scheme at

Butterflies :
Information about butterflies in South Australia can be found on the South Australian Museum's site at

Bats :
Interesting information on bats can be found at the Australian Bat Society's Home Page at

Reptiles and Frogs :
The South Australian Herpetology Group is developing a web site which includes information about their meetings and activities (including field trips) at

An excellent national resource is found at the Frog's Australia site:

For some excellent story telling and great photography about reptiles and frogs, you can't do better than Stewed Thoughts. There are always good stories and once in while even the mammals get a look in. Oh, for some Numbats in Scott Creek. But I'm dreaming again...

Weeds :
Do we really need to know more about weeds? Yes indeed!
Take a look at the national weeds strategy home web pages if you want to learn more about the enemy. It has a useful search engine as well as many links.

Other Friends Groups :
There are many friends groups in South Australia. The main link to see these is :

Here are links to some of the individual friends groups :

For bushwalkers, the Heysen Trail website is a must:


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