The Common Jewel Beetles of Scott Creek Conservation Park

Castiarina adelaidae Jewel beetle : Castiarina rufipennis Jewel Beetle :Castiarina media
Castiarina adelaidae
(HOPE 1846)
Castiarina rufipennis
(KIRBY 1818)
Castiarina media
(HOPE 1841)


Jewel Beetle : Castiarina bicolor Jewel Beetle : Castiarina crenata Jewel Beetle : Castiarina octmaculata
Castiarina bicolor
(LAP. & GORY, 1837)
Castiarina crenata
(DONOVAN 1805)
Castiarina octomaculata
(Saunders 1886)

All photos by
Stephan Gottwald.

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