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  Veronica gracilis.  Photo : Tom Hands

Veronica gracilis

Slender Speedwell is endangered and very rare. This plant was recently found by Tom Hands in an area that had been previously been over run by Blackberry bushes.

It flowers in spring.

Pyrorchis nigricans

The Red Beak is a common orchid in most conservation parks, but it's unusual to see it flowering except after there's been a fire.

This attractive and unusual flower is seen from September to late November.

The Red Beak Orchid.  Photo : Tom Hands  
  Epacris impressa - red and white flowers. Photo : Tom Hands

Epacris impressa

Common Heath comes in many shades of red, pink and occasionally white, but it's unusual to see red and white flowers on the same bush.

It flowers through Autumn and Winter.

Brachycome diversifolia

This is not just any old daisy - it's endangered, and found growing along side some of the more frequented paths of the park.

Endangered daisy : Photo Tom Hands  
  Christmas Bush Photo Peter Charles

Bursaria spinosa

The Christmas Bush or Sweet Bursaria with a visitor. It's common in many parts of the park and its fragrant summer flowers attract many insects.

Drosera whittakerii

The Scented Sundew shows how it got its name - the hairs have drops of sticky fluid on their ends which attract small insects. These are trapped and provide additional nitrogen for the plant.

Other sundews found near or in the park are D. auriculata (Tall Sundew); D. binata (Forked Sundew); D. glanduligera ( Orange Sundew); D. macrantha ssp. planchonii (Climbing Sundew); and D. pygmaea (Tiny Sundew)

Sundew - Photo Peter Charles  
  Hakea Rostrata : Photo Peter Charles

Hakea rostrata

The Beaked Hakea flowers during late winter and spring.

Eriochilus cucullatus

The Parson's Bands Orchid flowers in Autumn. It occurs throughout Australia with the exception of Western Australia and the Northern Territory.

It is common in the eastern side of the park.

Parson's Bands Photo : Peter Charles  
  Running Postman Photo : Peter Charles

Kennedia prostrata

The Running Postman is widespread through the park and flowers in spring. It is particularly numerous after fires.

Cheiranthera alternifolia

The Hand Flower is an unnoticeable scraggily shrub for most of the year. However, in Spring, the large showy flowers appear and put on a spectacular show.

The "hands" referred to in the title are the yellow anthers seen in the centre of the flower.

Hand Flower Photo : Peter Charles  
Grevillea lavandulacea Photo: Peter Charles

Grevillea lavandulacea lavandulacea

The Lavender Grevillea is found in Queensland, NSW, Victoria and SA. It's common in the park, and its nectar rich flowers appear on the shrub between September and November, when it becomes a very popular bush with Eastern Spinebills.

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