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No. 155, August-September, 2014

The President's Words:  

As far as Federal and State budgets and policies go, it’s been a year to forget for volunteers seeking grants to continue their work in parks and reserves. The message seems to be -“it’s public land, let the public look after it”, unless of course a park shows signs of high visitation then in go (shared!) mountain bike trails, tennis courts and other essential infrastructure, to enhance public enjoyment of –what? A dearth of natural environment perhaps?  because it’s fast disappearing under exotic species. So: What arose out of a casual comment I made to John Wamsley about the need for an environmental philanthropist, has blossomed into The Almanda Plan, a crowd funding initiative which is open for perusal on the web site. This plan identifies eight creek systems in the park which have yet to be, or are partially, restored and the funding needs over a ten year period. Whilst we would like $200,000 over ten years, reality will no doubt see us settle for less however, we will continue our invaluable work whatever the outcome. I think we are just ahead of the game too as other groups are now being encouraged to take part in workshops on crowd funding. I must pay tribute to John’s input here as he engineered the radio interview and has sent out literally thousands of emails to keep up the momentum, (he also knew about crowd funding which I’d never heard of). Thanks to everyone who has contributed and sent on the emails. It is certainly working. At the time of writing we have had over $5000 donated.

A less myopic and more peripheral vision would afford our Governments a view of just how dire the state of much of our environment is.  That “aspirational document”, No Species Loss Strategy, brings to mind that quote of Gore Vidal’s which I will paraphrase - “As societies grow decadent, the language grows decadent, too. Words are used to disguise, not to illuminate, action:”   In the foreword of said document is this from Gail Gago, Minister for Environment at the time, “The vision of No Species Loss is a bold and aspirational one”. So bold, that no commitment to funding one action can be found. This lack of funding may well have contributed to the recent “functional if not actual” extinction of the Mallee Emu-wren.

David Paton said the following on ABC on the 27th of June- “Mallee emu wrens have disappeared from this state and they’ve disappeared in the last six months due to a wildfire.” “Where is the management to look after this species? “This state presumably has a ‘no species loss’ philosophy so they’re not delivering on that.”  David also stated “…. Governments now control most of the environmental information that is distributed to society, and these are all carefully selected and worded ‘good news’ stories to make the government of the day look good. Such messages leave the impression that the natural environment is doing well. In reality nothing could be further from the truth. The environment continues to struggle. South Australia has a government-wide ‘no species loss’ policy. However, at least one species, the Mallee Emu-wren, has been extirpated from the state in the last six months. Not a word from government, not a word in the media!”

On to things of a more positive nature- the remaining tube stock was planted out along Scott Creek on our last Sunday working bee and given the rainfall over the past few weeks they should be leaping out of the guards by the end of summer. This is the second year of planting here and there is still plenty of room for expansion. Thanks go to everyone involved.

And a few thousand to go

The E-Mail Era:
Bandicoot Tails is sent out to 70 addressees at present and mailed out to 8. The age of electronic communications is now fully upon us. Paper mail from the Department of Environment. Etc. is only once or twice a month, whereas I would get over 20 emails each month. Most of these are procedural matters but some contain general information that members could be interested in. These I copy via email to our address list. I have no feedback as to whether anyone follows up on these.

The main problem is with that small group of members who do not have computer access. You are missing out on these information items, as I would be constantly printing off several pages per person once or twice a week and posting them off. On the other hand, if I copied them into ‘Bandicoot Tails’ we would end up with a very thick issue, repeating what most addressees will already have seen.

Any thoughts on how we can reconcile this problem? It is a classical example of the digital age disadvantaging a minority.  I would appreciate your  comments and/or wishes.

Don Reid

Bird Banding:
Weather problems have continued to lead to cancellations of weekend banding. We have been able to only have two periods of work since mid-April.

Results are as follows.
26th, June                     Gate 11 site                  18 captures inc, 3 recaptures                          
19th./20th. July               Gate 3 crossroads        30       do.          7       do.

Results of note were a 4+ male Superb Fairy Wren at Gate 11, and a 7+ Brown Thornbill  and a 5+ Striated Thornbill at Gate 3X.
Let’s hope for wet weeks and dry weekends!!

Programme – August-October, 2014
All working bees meet at 9.00am at Gate 16-Almanda Car Park
For Area Code see map below







One off-Tuesday Working Bee with ARPA

Meet 9am Almanda Car Park then to Gate 20 –Panhandle-Broom



Saturday W Bee

Gate 7, Watsonia, erica, E end Area 4



Sunday, Waterhouse Exhibition

Meet at Museum café 10.30



Planting with Aldgate Primary School

Gate 19 paddock. 10am



Bird Banding

Gate 9, 7.30 am.



Tuesday W Bee

Lower Viminaria Ck –erica, Area 4



FOSC General Meeting

Reid’s Residence-7.30pm



Sunday W Bee

Shingleback Track, boneseed, Areas 14 & 20



Social Committee

Essence, Stirling 12pm



Bird banding

Gate 4, 7.00 am.



Saturday W Bee

Twisted Chimney, periwinkle, arum, fleabane, Area 14



Wirrapunga Open Garden-FOSCCP will have a stand here over the weekend.

John Wamsley’s residence, 10-4.30, Fund raising for Almanda Project. 7 Williams Road, Aldgate



Bird banding

Gate 15 (old G 19), 7.00 am.



Tuesday W Bee

Upper Fern Gully, boneseed, Areas 10 & 11



Sunday W Bee

Kangaroo Gully, boneseed, Area 7, Enter Gate 1



Social  Committee

Essence, Stirling -12pm



Nest Box building Workshop

Tom & Sue’s, 68 Mahar Rd, Cherry Gardens, 12pm. Bring drills & bits, jig saws if you have.



Saturday W Bee

Gate 12, broom,  boneseed, Areas 19 & 20 

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            Any queries on Friends activities, please contact your office bearers.

President:         Tom Hands       8388 2150, Mob. 0417869349, 68 Mahar Road., Cherry Gardens, 5157

Secretary/Bird Banding Coordinator:
             Don Reid.  8388 2123, 224 Mt. Bold Road, Bradbury, 5153                         Email:

Image 3Treasurer:         Donella Peters  83395639, 10 Boomerang Cres, Aldgate, 5154                        Email:

Saturday Working Bee Coordinator:                                    
Tom Hands  8388 2150, Mob. 0417869349, 68 Mahar Road, Cherry Gardens, 5157                       

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