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No. 142, December, 2011

The President's Words:

Having another AGM imminent is very much like another birthday these days. They seem to be coming around with increasing alacrity, reminding one of the number of seasons left to do the work in hand. Not enough!


Fortunately we have had a lot of help this year with funding for helping to reduce the invaders at what seems to be a bourgeoning number of sites. This season seems to have been a very green light for all the grassy weeds, not to mention the burn sites in the first flush of African Daisy et al. They are going to come under the SEP umbrella-someone else’s problem. Tim Fuhlbohm is the lucky man doing post burn follow-up weed control and with the promised doubling of burn areas I will be interested to see if all the rhetoric that has been accompanying this increase, will become a reality, with adequate resourcing and long-term commitment to the ever increasing sites. Many eyes will be on this scenario with some very good outcomes possible with timely intervention. My personal view is that we are having too many fires of too large an area which will lead to a rapid diminution in and quality of the native vegetation in our reserves. This situation will be seriously exacerbated if pest plant control is not carried out in a timely and proper way.


I have recently returned from a birding (yes working!) trip to a place called Witchelina – for those of you who have read thus far, it is to the north of Lake Torrens , and is a former pastoral property that was bought by Nature Foundation. At 4000 square km, I was only able to see about 10%. It is nearly de-stocked and being somewhat Sahara-like in climate, not too many weeds can gain a toe hold. Many groups have already been up to record and document the native species, and permanent monitoring sites are now in place to observe future changes to their fortunes. It was very encouraging to see the level of activity being maintained and the dedication of so many volunteers who want to see this property return to a semblance of its pre-settlement diversity.


Back in Scott Creek , our own band of volunteers has continued to work on our (almost) innumerable sites with their customary cheerful dedication –either that or there’s a lot of grimacing going on. Long may it remain the former. Hope to see you at the AGM where you can pay $10 for the privilege of weeding in the park for another year. Our new guest speaker, Bruce Pascoe, very kindly stepped into the breach despite having met me only ten minutes earlier so I’m greatly indebted and have promised him that most of our members sleep very quietly once the slide show begins.


Annual General Meeting:

Our AGM will be held on Thursday, 10th. November, at the Scott Creek Hall, next to the Scott Creek Primary School , at 7.30 pm. Nominations will be required for president, Vice-president, Secretary and Treasurer.


Tom Hands will deliver his annual report and we have a guest speaker in Bruce Pascoe, who will talk to us on the subject of  the Ecology Of Dry Land Birds of Northern Australia. Unfortunately, our scheduled speaker, who was going to talk on Macquarie Island , was whisked off this week to distant climes by her employer .


We are hoping to have some local people attend to hear Bruce. Jenny Dawes has used the Scott Creek Community Network to publicise the meeting.


Annual Volunteers’ Thankyou BBQ:

The Southern Lofty District has an annual BBQ to show its appreciation of the work its volunteers carry out in its many parks. Rather than try to give you the information in a paragraph or two, please find a copy of the invitation appended to this ‘Tails’. Note that the organisers require you to RSVP by the 18th. November.


The Social Side:

About 15 members and friends travelled to the Salisbury Wetlands Centre on the 2nd. October. It was a revelation to those who hadn’t seen what has been done by the Salisbury Council in way of water harvesting, recycling and rehabilitation. The birdos counted 27 species of birds, but Tom Hands was later informed that we could have seen more at other areas of the wetlands complex. We finished with a very good lunch at the Wetlands Café – good food, reasonably priced.


Our Christmas Event will be held on the 23rd. December, at the Thompson’s residence, Frith Road, Cherry Gardens, at 6 pm and on. Bring your comestibles, drinks and chairs. John will have the barbecue going for those that wish to cook their steaks, hamburgers, etc. It may be hot or it may be cold, so be prepared for whatever weather the Hills may come up with.


Bird Banding:

We have had more weather disruptions to our programme – why does it always rain on weekends!. Here is a summary of the days that we could work in.


  Date                 Location           Birds netted      Recaptures       Species            Species



15/16 Oct.       Gate 7                          20                    5                10                  27

30th. Oct.         Derwentia                     28                    4                12                   22


The highlight, I am told, was the capture of a Mistletoebird at Derwentia Creek. These birds are not rare, but seldom netted. In the hand, they are feathered jewels.


Following on from the last banding day, we must thank Chris Thomson for washing and repairing our bag supply.

Our group received some publicity in a recent Mt. Barker Courier. A copy of the article is appended to the end of this ‘Tails”. The subject of the article makes no claim to any photogenic qualities!


Our next banding weekend will be on the 19th. and 20th. November, at Gate 4, bottom of Gurr Road.


Programme  November 2011 – January 2012 (all working bees meet at 9.00am at G18)




Tuesday Working Bee

Erica & Boneseed Derwentia Gully




Scott Ck Hall - Guest Speaker Bruce Pascoe, ecologist - on the Ecology of Dry Land Birds in Northern Australia  7.30 pm.



Sunday Working Bee

Broom and Erica in from Gate 7



Bird banding

Gate 4, 6.00 am



Saturday Working Bee

Bone seed east end of Bleugum Flat, Gate 13



Bird banding

Kangaroo Gully, 6 am. Enter Gate 3



Tuesday Working Bee

Erica north side Mineshaft Track, Gate 19



Sunday Working Bee

Erica near old helipad, enter Gate 21



Bird banding

Gate 19, 6 am.



Christmas Function

6 pm. At the Thompsons, Frith Road, Cherry Gardens.



Saturday Working Bee

Broom near Gate 5



Tuesday Working Bee

Erica, North Viminaria Creek



Sunday Working Bee




Bird banding

Gate 9, 6 am.



Saturday Working Bee


  John Butler asks that anyone attending working bees and going directly to site rather than to the meeting area at Gate 18, give the organiser a call the day or so before, in case of a change in plans.

As a safety measure when working in the park, consider carrying a switched on mobile phone if you have one, with John’s 0427 164 290 or Tom’s 0417 869 349 numbers stored. Let John and Tom know your mobile No.

We have several two-way radios for members use. These are also available at working bees.


            Any queries on Friends activities, please contact your office bearers.

President          Tom Hands       8388 2150         RMB 691, Cherry Gardens , 5157                                                                        Email:

Secretary         Don Reid          8388 2123     224 Mt. Bold Road, Bradbury,  5153                         Email:

Check this Treasurer          John Thompson     8388 2387          P.O. Box 426, Blackwood , 5051

Saturday Working Bee Coordinator:

Peter Charles      8377 1749     74 Lascelles Avenue , Warradale,                                              5046 Email:

Tuesday/Sunday Working Bees Coordinator:

John Butler           8278 2773    5 Trevelyan Court , Coromandel Valley, 5051                                          Email:

Friends Website:

Please note that your Secretary’s home address has changed, due to the new numbering system being put in place throughout rural area. RMBs are disappearing!

Don’s email address has also changed to

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