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No. 139, May-June, 2011


President’s Words: President’s Words:
This is a foreshortened ‘Tails as our Secretary is doing a little “over-wintering in the US.
The much anticipated “Birds of Scott Creek” brochure has been printed and is already selling well. We are very pleased with the quality of the production, which justifies the many (hundred) hours spent by Les, finessing the final result. Many thanks go to him and all others involved from editing to photographs donated. Our profuse thanks also go to the very patient Alan at Aspera Images in Aldgate, who is always prepared to go to great lengths to make sure every aspect is just right, we were also extremely grateful he had a machine that was able to fold the thousand A3 copies! As this will also be an important fund raiser, I would like to exhort members and friends to sell some on our behalf, please call me for supplies, they are $5 each.

The past summer has led to exceptionally rapid growth of all our favourite pest species. Some have to be seen to be believed. Despite revisiting many sites on a regular basis, it is easy to see how any areas left for more than a year would quickly revert to their former feral glory. Over the years the number of our bushcare sites has increased whereas our bushcarer numbers have, more or less, stayed the same. There is an obvious need to recruit more members and consider the possibility of a fourth working bee per month if enough recruits could be drummed up. To that end a combined bird brochure selling/Friends of SCCP promotion, probably at the Stirling Market, seems like a good idea for the near future.

A footnote to my comments on the People and Parks Strategy, and the ambition to double visitor numbers to our parks. If this is the case, then DENR will be doing more and more with less and less. Two more Rangers have been “let go” from the District and funding cuts are anticipated for the forthcoming budget and the one to follow. This is certainly not a scenario DENR would wish for, but it is very much a reflection of a lamentable political climate where undermining of environmental initiatives is the popular sport of the day. Our parks and reserves need greater levels of protection and restoration than ever before as new and old exotic species continue to invade most of our remnant vegetation. If only the same level of enthusiasm which exists for inappropriate development in the MLR was exhibited when it came to preserving and expanding our reserve system. The extinction debt may not then be quite as dear as it is likely to be.   

Although our Easter Walk was low in numbers, the day was perfect after a “clearing shower or two”. Several orchid species flowering, combined with the bush sparking after rain, made for a lovely ramble which was followed by a very convivial lunch. We should do this more often, averting our gaze, temporarily, from the pestiferous species.  

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The native Meadow Argus- pollinating the weed Scabious-Easter Walk 

Programme May – June (all working bees meet at 9.00am at G18)

Programme for May-June2011 (all working bees meet at 9.00am at G18)







Tuesday Working bee

Lower Viminaria Ck Erica Watsonia G5



Sunday Working bee

Twisted Chimney area Boneseed, Fleabane



Bird Banding

Gate 9 -7am



Saturday Working Bee

West of G8 Broom Erica & Boneseed



Bird Banding

Kangaroo Gully, 7am



Tuesday Working bee

N side Upper Viminaria Ck Erica G7



FOSC Meeting

J & A Thompson’s, residence, 7.30pm



Sunday Working bee

Stockyard area Broom, Boneseed etc



Saturday Working Bee

Master Gully, Erica & Boneseed (Pack)






















John Butler asks that anyone attending working bees and going directly to site rather than to the meeting area at Gate 18, give the organiser a call the day or so before, in case of a change in plans.
As a safety measure when working in the park, consider carrying a switched on mobile phone if you have one, with John’s 0427 164 290 or Tom’s 0417 869 349 numbers stored. Let John and Tom know your mobile No.

We have several two-way radios for members use. These are also available at working bees.

Any queries on Friends activities, please contact your office bearers.

President          Tom Hands       8388 2150         RMB 691, Cherry Gardens, 5157 Email:

Secretary Don Reid          8388 2123     RMB 104, Bradbury, 5153        Email:
Treasurer          John Thompson     8388 2387          P.O. Box 426, Blackwood , 5051
Saturday Working Bee Coordinator: Peter Charles      8377 1749     74 Lascelles Avenue, Warradale, 5046 Email:
Tuesday/Sunday Working Bees Coordinator: John Butler          8278 2773    5 Trevelyan Court, Coromandel Valley, 5051    Email:
Friends Website:


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