Amphibians and Invertebrates

An expectional songster

Photo: Tom Hands

There are six species of amphibian known to occur in the Scott Creek Conservation Park.
These are :

Photo by Steve Walker

Litoria ewingii

Brown Tree frog

photo by Steve Walker

  Photo by Steve Walker

Limnodynastes dumerili

Eastern Banjo Frog



The Eastern Banjo Frog is sometimes mistaken for the
Cane Toad seen on the right, but it isn't really very similar.

Photo by Steve Walker

Photo by Steve Walker

Limnodynastes tasmaniensis

Spotted Grass Frog ( also known as Marbled Frog and Spotted Marsh Frog.) Picture on right shows some of the colour variations.

Photo by Steve Walker

Neobatrachus pictus : Painted Burrowing Frog.

Photp by Steve Walker Photo by Steve Walker
Normal stance
"Walking tough"

Photo by Steve Walker
Crinia signifera :
Common Eastern Brown Froglet
Photo by Steve Walker

Photo by Steve Walker

Pseudophryne bibronii : Bibron's Toadlet

Standard colour on the left, playing dead on the right.

Photo by Steve Walker

For more information about these frogs, such as maps showing their distribution and recordings of their calls, you should visit :

The results from the Frog Cenus are available on line at the Frog Cenus site.

All the photographs above were taken by Steve Walker. Steve is the man who identifies the frog recordings made during frog week. He runs an excellent site indeed.

The largest of Scott creek's aquatic invertebrate is the well known yabbie :Cherax destructor. Less well known is the fact that this waterway also supports a surprising number of other aquatic denizens.

The Australian Water Quality Centre - a unit of SA Water - has been conducting the "Monitoring River Health Program", funded by Environment Australia through the South Australian E.P.A. Over the past seven or eight years monitoring just down stream from the park has recorded over 160 species of macro invertebrates.

This amazing diversity highlights the importance of not just the restoration of riparian zone vegetation, but also the removing the introduced predator fishes Trout and Redfin Perch. For more information about this, see our fishes page.

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